Frequently Asked Questions


What is

HTP Files is a free to access online file transferring application that combines file sharing, screenshots, and video storage - All in one awesome and easy-to-use platform.

I saw something too illegal for my tastes here, what should I do?

Send a strongly worded email to [admin at htp dot sh] and I will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

Banned Content

Do not upload:
Child pornography, viruses/malware, full length episodes of TV shows, heavy gore, sexualized depictions of minors, bestiality and sexual violence.
I will purge your uploads if anything you upload violates these rules. See our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service for more info.
You cannot use HTP Files for commercial services without prior approval.
Examples include as a CDN, image host for your business/ecommerce site, or a source for videos that are streamed on sites other than directly.
Should you violate any of the above banned content, your offending files will be deleted, your account (should you have one) banned, and your IP blacklisted.

But what if I really wanna upload [insert banned content]?

The file is going to be deleted, and you're going to get banned.


What are the allowed extensions here?

We support most file extensions.

Are there any Desktop clients?

We do have some browser extensions to assist uploads:
If you use Windows desktop, this site supports uploads from ShareX.
You can download the config file by clicking on the ShareX icon on the homepage.

If you use Linux, there is a compatible bash uploader
You can learn more about it from Linux Config.


Does the server have some sort of access logs?

No Never.
No logs are kept, all logs redirect to /dev/null
So you can be assured that no logs will be kept.

How do I share my files?

Click the upload button to select one or more files.
You can simply drag and drop your files into the web page and a shareable link will be created instantly.
Once the upload is finished, we will issue you a unique shareable URL that will be created instantly, which you can share with others.

How long will my files be online?

For as long as possible, we have no intention of going anywhere.

What are the limit of uploads?

You are free to upload as long as you don't exceed the following restrictions:
- Max 10 GB per file
- Max 500 files or 50 GB per hour.
- Max 5,000 files or 100 GB per day.

Any restrictions on downloads?

No. We do not enforce any form of bandwidth limitations on downloads.

Are you a clone?

Yes/No. The site is based around pomf's "simple sharing" aspect, but no code comes from pomf.

Help Fund Us - We depend on donations to pay for our servers.

We run purely off donations given to us by our users.
Our servers aren't free! We try not to monetize our website for your privacy and we need donations to keep it running.

Datacenter Colocation: $600/month
Offsite Storage: $140/month
Cloud Server Providers: $40/month
Administrative Costs: $60/month
Total Monthly Costs: $840

We're a non-profit that is offering this service for free without third-party ads.

To donate, please note the CryptoCurrency addresses below.
Bitcoin: bc1q60vm60x9lf60qlc2q657jvaf7r5cstffcp722f
Ethereum: 0x6a251520D8f0144eb628ec5E5e745Acf7F780576
Monero: 45JLHhxbnUa8rx2PD3Lu45fkGWYSCDbbqK2Qpsx4Gr7CAasumR6NTtseK3PWPMa2tfb4AZqdTfCdwKgCoLBYGfNoBNAP69V

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