A dependable self-hosted file upload service

Maximum upload size per file is 50000 MB

We run purely off donations given to us by our users.
Our servers aren't free! We try not to monetize our website for your privacy and we need donations to keep it running.

Datacenter Colocation: $600/month
Offsite Storage: $140/month
Cloud Server Providers: $40/month
Administrative Costs: $60/month
Total Monthly Costs: $840

We're a non-profit that is offering this service for free without third-party ads.

To donate, please note the CryptoCurrency addresses below.
Bitcoin: bc1q60vm60x9lf60qlc2q657jvaf7r5cstffcp722f
Ethereum: 0x6a251520D8f0144eb628ec5E5e745Acf7F780576
Monero: 45JLHhxbnUa8rx2PD3Lu45fkGWYSCDbbqK2Qpsx4Gr7CAasumR6NTtseK3PWPMa2tfb4AZqdTfCdwKgCoLBYGfNoBNAP69V